To commemorate the role that women played in the fight against fascism during the war, a monument was commissioned from the artist Leonardi.  He produced a ceramic (majolica) statue of a woman striding to war which clearly outraged those in the city who still held fascist views.  In July 1961 a group calling themselves Giovane Italia (Young Italy) applied a stick of dynamite and the statue was gone.

Those with less extreme views protested and soon a new monument was produced by Augusto Murer, La Partigiana, representing those women who gave their lives.  This work has also had its share of problems; access being restricted to prevent accidents on the blocks which were intended as positions from which to view the work, the failure of a platform upon which the statue is intended to float with the tides being just two.

I suspect her message is lost though.  Many see her from the water, where there is no indication as to her purpose so that she appears to be simply a morbid representation of a drowned woman washed ashore.

Incidentally, following Leonardi’s death a copy of his work was found in his workshop and is now on display in the art gallery of Ca’ Pesaro, so in trying to remove the memorial, the fascists ended up creating two!


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