Southend Pier continues to close its doors whenever I’m in town with a minute or two on my hands to wield the camera, so I was left with a stroll along the beach at Thorpe Bay to provide me with some visual riches.

Just a small matter first; can you have a beach on a river?  This is after all the Thames Estuary, but it is tidal, populated with seagulls and has all the fun of the fair, so you can’t blame this shore lover for feeling at home.

But what to shoot?  The estuary itself provided a few nice clouds and boats bobbing on the water, but these didn’t really grab me.  What do you think?  I did like the more abstract result from shooting a long exposure and allowing the boats to blur.

Perhaps the guy channelling Michael Hutchence would be a better subject?  APW_6393_4Maybe, but I’m no petrol head so it’s not really my style.  Ironic to encounter this on the day that Jeremy Clarkson may finally have had the brakes applied though.

Back to the water then.

APW_6378How about this as a film poster?  Perhaps if they’d actually been interacting with  one another it might have generated more interest, but feel free to suggest a title.

There are a couple of things that this shoreline has aplenty though.  I should focus on them.

The first is beach huts.  Not as aesthetic as their cousins in Northumberland, but what they lack in quality…  Couldn’t decide whether to shoot landscape or portrait however!

So I was left with shells.  The beach is awash with them.  Limpet shells, clam shells, mussel shells, even oyster shells.  APW_6336


No pearl to be found though.  Instead I returned my gaze to the boats on the water and the twinkling of all those diamonds.



2 thoughts on “The Treasure Hunter

  1. I’m a complete sucker for glittering water and surprising sky (the bigger the better).. so enjoyed this trip around the possibilities on offer. But I think what makes this post such a success is the contrasting subjects and textures – metallic and ethereal, mineral and animal. As for beach huts – down in Devon we go more gaudy – primary colours and pitched roofs. Thanks for the day-trip to Southend .. 🙂

    1. Thanks Becky – think we share the same view on beach huts. There were one or two owners out with paint brushes preparing for summer that looked as if they might have brightened things up a little, but they were few and far between!

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