There are many subjects on which I can claim ignorance; it doesn’t stop me writing about them on the blog though because I learn more as a result of the research I undertake before I publish.  Art is certainly one of them; something I loathed at school but am fascinated by now.  So when I saw an arrangement of fluorescent tubes, and knew that Dan Flavin had a work on display made of tubes I assumed this was it and set about trying to understand why this particular arrangement was of significance.  Monument for V. Tatlin (edition 1/5, 1964) was inspired by a Russian tower, designed to dwarf the Eiffel Tower but never built.

The pity is that the work is actually by Bertrand Lavier, though coincidentally it too is inspired by the work of another artist; in fact it is a copy of a design created by the American Frank Stella, but realised in light rather than in pigment.

So converting that into a photograph takes the light and realises them in pixels.  Incidentally it is a monochrome but simply rendered in shades of blue rather than grey, yet you would be hard pressed to differentiate it from a colour image of the artwork.




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