When you arrive at Lido, it very quickly becomes apparent that roads are once again the norm; black and orange buses take their share of the new arrivals, and then the rest disperse through a forest of parked bicycles, but also a good many motorcycles whose owners are presumably across the lagoon.  Nothing very extraordinary there, but one morning while running to catch the vaporetto I spotted something a bit different out of the corner of my eye.

It’s leaf green carapace and black antennae gave it the look that was more beetle than bike, and its oddness was compounded by asymmetric wheels.  I was passed it by the time its strangeness had fully registered, hence the rear view, but this was my first encounter with a Johammer, a revolution in motor cycle design as it’s an electric bike with a range of 200km.  Pretty ingenious dashboard displays integrated into the mirrors too.

I’ve no idea what they’re like to ride, but I certainly liked the look.


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