La Sposa Solitaria (Venezia 205)

For many (and doubtless more after Mr Clooney’s example) Venice is the perfect city in which to marry.  Luxurious hotels, historic palaces, secret gardens, and photogenic backdrops abound.  My shot of the bride being gently rowed to her wedding was marred when one of her family seated in the same gondola moved into frame and blocked the lady of the hour.

In Ravello, I witnessed four weddings in a single day (no funeral!) but I didn’t expect to get another chance here, because the brides are likely to be spread throughout the city.

So imagine my surprise when I got a shot of a bride in one of the world’s busiest holiday destinations without others filling the scene.  There was a solitary waiter in the original, but I felt the image had more power without him so I resorted to removing him from shot.

No tourists.

No pigeons.

No bridegroom.

A moment of emptiness.


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