Hard Lines (Venezia 204)

After the stark minimalism of the entrance hall to Palazzo Grassi, you quickly fall back into familiar territory.   The artworks may be modernist, but the main staircase leading to them would not look out of place in any great house.  The walls may be hidden beyond heavy drapes, but stretches of patterned marble lie underfoot and beyond the network of lighting gantries, sections of gilt stucco mouldings can be spied.

Until you arise to the upper floors.

Then you are diverted to a more utilitarian stairway, but with its brightly lit white walls, and sharp lines it feels right at home, almost as if it were an exhibit in itself.  Given that they also made an artwork out of the toilets, I’m starting to wonder if there’s some deliberate blurring of the lines at play here.  Hmmm, not the best phrase to use for such angular imagery!



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