After a full day of exploration the chance find of a quiet campo with some canalside tables where we could get something to eat and take the weight of our feet was a welcome discovery.  Campo Santa Maria Nova may be small and peaceful, but this doesn’t mean that there is nothing to offer.  On the opposite side of the canal from where we sat is the back of the church that gives the square its name; Santa Maria dei Miracoli.  Now the back door might not sound too impressive but the entire exterior of this building is a multi-coloured marble delight, that seems all the more remarkable for its position rising out of the canal waters (where its beauty is handsomely reflected, disturbed only by infrequent gondole, and the occasional ripple of a surfacing fish).

Miracoli is so called because in the 15th Century a small shrine containing a painting of the virgin was reputed to be capable of working miracles; prompting the building of something a little more elaborate to house the artwork (which is now displayed above the altar inside).  The interior is supposedly even more impressive, but that’s something for my next visit.  Meanwhile it’s worth clicking the image to enlarge it so you can appreciate the detailed work below the roofline and around the windows.



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