Another Venetian mask, and one that is more disturbing.

I’ve tried to analyse the reason for this.  The black, empty eye sockets perhaps, or the lack of any visible human flesh (it is a mannequin after all, but then some find those inherently scary anyway).  Is there a mouth or is that just a crease beneath the nose?  It’s debatable.

This is Bauta, and no it doesn’t have a mouth.  Bauta is the whole costume too, the black hooded cape that accompanied the cape intended to provide the wearer with a complete disguise; covering their clothing as well as their visage.  The mask element is called a volto, and that protruding jaw is to allow the wearer to eat without removing its protection.  What’s more such a plain costume could be worn by those of any rank, making the disguise all the more effective.

In this case though, it proved to be no protection against the pigeons.




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