Time for another piece of religious imagery set into a wall above a busy street.

Now there are some websites that list street shrines in Venice, but atheist that I am I don’t know what constitutes a shrine and what is just a piece of sculpture?

If anyone could enlighten me I’d be grateful.

This one took a bit of working out.  I knew I’d taken it in the Rialto area, somewhere between San Giacomo and White’s ice cream parlour.  A bit of google street view and I spotted it above a frescoed portico into an otherwise average building opposite a sotoportego (covered alleyway).  The street name should have alerted me sooner (Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni) but the portico suggested there may be a church beyond these walls, and sure enough more of street view showed a campanile at the corner.

Enter Jeff Cotton’s amazing Churches of Venice website and the mystery was solved.  The church is San Giovanni Elemosinario, which translates as St John the Almsgiver.  Couldn’t be anyone else really.



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