In all my trips to Italy, I’m struggling to remember seeing any cattle.

To be fair, the locations I’ve chosen haven’t really been what I would have considered as cow-friendly; the hills of Tuscany, the lakeside of Como, the streets of Rome and so on, but even when transferring from airports, or driving the narrow minor roads through rural landscapes, I can’t recall any bovine imagery; just lots of vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees and other greenery.  Perhaps they’re just to commonplace to register on my awareness.

Why is this so strange?  Well when a country has such a reputation for the quality of it’s leather, you’d expect to see the raw material in evidence somewhere wouldn’t you?

Every one of those trips has also resulted in one of the female members of my party taking home a new handbag or footwear.  I’ve been known to succumb myself… but not to a handbag!





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