In my experience the job of a taxi driver is usually low-paid work, with narrow profit margins that require long hours to generate an acceptable level of income.  What’s more the sedentary nature of the job, confined to their office behind the wheel, doesn’t seem to produce people who are a picture of health.  (Unless they’re training like Travis Bickle!)  It’s a sweeping generalisation of course, and there are probably plenty of individuals who could disprove my assertion, but it’s the impression that I have.

Water taxi “drivers” seem to be a different species.  I have many shots of them relaxing with newspapers, chatting amongst themselves, making calls and more, all without any sense of urgency.  What’s more, many of them have a certain arrogant style that accompanies being at the helm of a highly polished, sleek and luxurious machine.

Business must be good.Venezia-6


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