The Arch of Paradise is best viewed from the small footbridge at the end of Calle Paradiso; the Ponte Preti which crosses the Rio del Mondo Nuovo to the Fondamenta Preti Castello,  a route you would take if staying at the Amadeus B&B.  I’m sure there’s a reason for naming the establishment after an Austrian composer, but there was a more appropriate choice at hand.  Directly opposite the Arch is an unremarkable building, number 5879.  The only feature of note is a small sculpted head of a bearded man in a headband over the passageway.  I’ve no idea who it is supposed to represent, or who decided it should be placed on this property.  What I can tell you is that the building was once the residence of one of the greatest of baroque composers; Antonio Vivaldi who was born in the city.

He didn’t have a beard though.





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