Could I have continued the ovine metaphor from yesterday’s post?  Probably but it wouldn’t have been very tasteful.  Suffice to say that when the heavens did open it was persisting down!

Many were able to watch the lightning arcing down into the lagoon from the warmth  and dry comfort of their stabilised, thickly glazed, floating city.  Perhaps some were fortunate enough to photograph the Piazetta with the benefit of natural dramatic lighting.

Then there were those of use being buffeted from side to side on our vaporetto, sprayed by near horizontal rain with each new opening of the cabin doors to take on fresh refugees from the deluge.  Nevertheless we considered ourselves lucky.

Paying dearly for the privilege of gondola ride was not such a good idea; the passengers’ umbrellas a pointless defence against water that was flowing in all directions.

Après moi, le déluge.



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