Murano glass, handmade stationery, carnival masks; souvenir options for the Venice tourist.  Less obvious but also prevalent throughout the city are retailers of coloured jewellery who have cottoned onto the visual effect of a window display packed full of jewellery in a single colour, strung from neutral driftwood to enhance the colour further.  Coral and Lapis Lazuli seem popular colour choices in the larger stores, but in a smaller outlet this mass of necklaces had dramatic impact being bright scarlet with highlights of gold against the black velvet display bust.

(How could I leave such an image in black and white?  This was a monochrome image, but then using Lightroom I split toned the image by adding red to the shadows and yellow to the highlights.)

Visually stunning, but a recipe for cericalgia!


*The Stones of Venice is both the title of John Ruskin’s three volume work on the art and architecture of the city (I’ve quoted his dislike of Baroque once or twice) and also a Doctor Who audio featuring Paul McGann as The Doctor.



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