Sitting the Campo San Giacomo one morning to shoot some of the residents of the city rather than its transitory traffic, a group began to gather by me ready to embark upon a walking tour.  As they did so a young muslim woman sat beside me to chat to them, seemingly a resident of the same hotel.

I may well have offended religious convention in photographing her unknowingly, but I was struck by a parallel with so much of the art in the city; art with a religious theme, largely produced by and for a patriarchal society in representation of another.  Two thousand years after Christ there are those who say because he had no female disciples there should be no women bishops.  I see, so the logic is because women were seen as second class citizens in the past, it should be perpetuated in the future.

With Catholicism at the heart of its history there is one woman who is seen again and again.  The Virgin Mary.  She is the exception.  An exception who always wears a head covering.



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