A contestant on this year’s “X-Factor” in the UK complained about her day job being smelly and unglamorous because she worked in a fishmongers.  Has she not heard of the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market?  Perhaps not, but as both of my daughters have worked at the same establishment for many years, I guess the conditions aren’t that bad.  Yes they smell a little when they come home, but they seem to be capable of turning on the glamour after a quick shower!


Doug Jones as Abe Sapien in Hellboy
Abe Sapien in Hellboy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps that’s why the lingering odour at the Rialto fish market didn’t concern me when we waited outside one evening for the traghetto, and in fact having found the place (excuse the pun) I got up early a couple of days later to visit it when it was open and freshly stocked.  For now though I contented myself with the carved capitols atop each of the perimeter pillars.  Bit like Abe Sapien don’t you think?







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