Be careful what you wish for!

In choosing to return to Venice in winter, a key factor was the likelihood that there would be fog.  Coastal fog can make for some great moody images at any time, but when coupled with the architecture of this city, I wondered if I might add meaning to Venetian Gothic.

Now being entirely honest, there’s a well-known photograph that already encapsulates this, and I hoped to recreate it, at least in part; sincerest form of flattery and all that.  (I’ve no idea who shot the original, but I hope they’ve been well rewarded).

It depicts Salute emerging from the mist but with the added magic of a flock of white egrets rising before it from the rails of a foreground jetty.

Now I’ve only seen a single egret in all of my visits here, so I wasn’t expecting co-operative wildlife, but if I could get something similar in the rest of the shot I’d be happy.  I found a spot which I thought matched the original (it didn’t) and used a telephoto to compress the distance between church and foreground (not enough).

The fog would not co-operate.  I wanted something that would billow in front of the basilica, but leave its domes floating enigmatically above.  Instead I had moments of complete obscurity, moments of complete clarity, and moments where the church remained but the domes blended away into the sky.APW_3619_20_21-Edit

In place of white birds I had to wait for the departure of a stubborn old man who resolutely remained in shot for several minutes.APW_3595_6_7-Edit


Still, it was a learning process, and finally freed from the constraints of plagiarism I found some interesting shots of my own.



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