I don’t think of Italian food as particularly fiery, though as a cuisine there are so many regional variations that I could be committing a gross over simplification here, but it’s just that I think of a spaghetti con vongole, or risotto funghi, as well as the bolognese and carbonara sauces before chilli comes to mind.  Even a pizza with pepperoni is what I would call mildly spicy rather than searingly hot, yet every market stall in the south of Italy has strings of bright red chillies for sale, and zesty little green ones in the north (as well as their red cousins in dried format).   Who is eating them all, and in what dish?  Recipe please!


3 thoughts on “Peperoncini (Venezia 138)

  1. Well, i just got back from Venice and I might have found your answer! I am a spice FEIND (hence my alias is mexican food…). I just got back from Venice this week, as seen in my most recent post. AND. I tried the most delicious thing in search for some spice…peroncini dark chocolate. Yes, it exists. And chocolate is the culpratr, at al Dal Mas Ciocceleteria im Venice. Check out my blog for more deets!

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