…here everything was a trick of the light, an endlessly shifting play of appearances without form or substance.

Michael Dibdin – Dead Lagoon

Sooner or later you have to turn your attention to the water.  It is the city’s defining feature, elementally adding to sights and sounds in ways that are unique, for what other city of canals has such colourful subjects to illuminate and reflect, or a tidal lagoon to bring gentle lappings against brick and marble.  Yet that water is also the city’s nemesis, eroding, flooding, drowning.

Friend or foe?



2 thoughts on “Acqua (Venezia 131)

  1. Gorgeous visual image (I love reflections) and what I have learned to expect from your blog – juicy ideas which might just lead to another poem. Thanks! Oppositions and mistaking one thing for another are favourites of mine. Friend or foe? Suspect that depends on where you’re standing… 🙂

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