With a few minutes to kill in Sunderland, I naturally looked for something to photograph in my immediate vicinity, but before I had released the shutter even once, a blonde woman in brightly coloured clothing appeared and having wished me good morning directed my attention to the alms cottages to my right, and suggested I visit the Minster to my left.  She completed her intervention by pointing out that the city had more to offer than most people with negative views of the place acknowledged.

The Victorian and Edwardian eras saw the construction of a number of superb buildings around the town; schools, libraries, churches, police and fire stations, hospitals, public baths, and more.

Sadly much of that was demolished in the 60’s and 70’s, replaced by anonymous concrete and tower blocks.

So yes the town does have some gems, but there is cause for negativity at the loss of so much.  I doubt that it will regain former glories, but at least some of the concrete has also had its day and facing the same demolition process that gave it life.

So is it glass half empty or glass half full?  There is justification for either argument.  For me though, this last structure says it all; it seems inevitable that one of Sunderland’s finest buildings should be a pub!




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