Each journey between the Piazza and Lido takes you past the Riva dei Sette Martiri, the quayside where German troops executed 7 anti-fascists and refused the removal of their bodies as visible message to those who would oppose them.  Any research that includes reference to the seven martyrs will lead you to this story, which is interesting, but no helpful when you’re trying to discover something else.

There is a stunning villa on the quayside in polychrome marble and although I had a picture, I had no idea as to why this building might be significant; and it was too beautiful to be mundane.  I’d virtually given up when I examined the image once more and noticed the inscription above the door which refers to it being a donation by Pietro Canonica.  Who?

Although he died in the same year as I was born, Canonica as a painter, sculptor and composer was a major figure in Italian arts so I’m surprised I hadn’t come across the name before.  You learn something every day!Venezia-11-2


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