Somewhere in my life I’d come to believe that the wooden bridge at Accademia was constructed without nails and confidently shared this impressive fact with others.  When I looked more closely it’s certainly full of bolts, so I’m sure that the “fact” is anything but.

Now where did that mistake arise?  A quick google reveals I’ve never visited any of the bridges that this claim is normally associated with, so I can’t have cross wired my synapses there.  It doesn’t even look like them.

I’d also been under the impression that it had a long history, but the present version was built in 1985 as an exact replica of an earlier 20th Century version.  There are already signs of decay in the timbers so its days must be numbered, which is a shame as it’s both aesthetically interesting and easy to cross.  There’s a lesson for the Ponte della Costituzione.



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