It was the total absence of traffic in the city that allowed visitors the freedom to become so easily lost.

Without a specific destination, the visitors chose routes as they might choose a colour, and even the precise manner in which they became lost expressed their cumulative choices, their will.

Ian McEwan – The Comfort of Strangers

The canals, rii, and calli, don’t run in straight lines, which can be frustrating if you’re trying to find your way about the city without a map and relying solely upon your sense of direction, particularly as the evening light is fading and you’re hurrying to find ferry or vaporetto to return you across the lagoon.  During the day however there are ample compensations, for each twist and turn can bring surprises, each corner reveals new vistas.

In this case I had seconds to get this shot of the 17th Century campanile of Santi Apostoli (the church’s only attractive exterior feature) before the opening between palazzi closed as my boat continued.  One of those occasions where I felt satisfied with the result.




5 thoughts on “Framed (Venezia 119)

  1. A balance between fortune and will – another way of looking at creativity perhaps. Seconds well spent! Interesting monochromatic hue – another act of will I guess 🙂

    Thanks too for the McEwan quote.. he shapes a complex thought with elegance doesn’t he? I like its relation to your words and the image.

    1. The happy accident Becky. I remember one of the precepts of creativity I studied with my MBA was to “connect and be receptive”! Thanks as always for your comments

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