Public Works

untitled-4The thousands of rail passengers who pass above it each week are probably completely oblivious to its existence, and who could blame them for as they arrive in Durham they are granted amazing views of the Cathedral and Castle, a World Heritage Site.

The hundreds of motorists who drive by each week may never give it a second thought, and those who do are probably unaware of the detail of its construction; the sturdy stone blocks that are visible from the roadway are no more than a facing for a structure comprised of a multitude of small red bricks.

untitled-34untitled-53-Edit-EditThe dozens of people who live below its arches in housing that harks back to an earlier time, probably give their neighbour little thought, having acquired a selective deafness to the rumble of the rail users above them.

And yet someone was thoughtful.

At the foot of one of the supporting pillars of the grade 2 listed structure, the Durham rail viaduct, is another, comparatively tiny detail.

When this was built a century and a half ago someone gave thought to those passers-by and local residents.

They ensured that their most basic needs were catered for.

They installed a fountain.




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