I didn’t feel I’d been fair to San Geremia yesterday so here it is without having to compete with Palazzo Labia.  Its pristine white marble belies some of the grisly content of its interior.  In common with so many catholic churches it contains religious relics; body parts of the saints.

The original church on this site was consecrated in the 11th Century to hold the arm of St Bartholomew (which is still there), but there’s also a rib of Mary Magdalene, and some of the bones of St Thomas (though not the finger he inserted into Christ’s side because that is in Rome).  The star “attraction” is St Lucy, whose eyeless visage was displayed for many years until a papal decree that she should be provided with a silver mask to keep the dust out.

She was kidnapped by gunmen in 1981, but she lost her head in the process.  Her body was found in a hunting lodge a few weeks later and she was “re-united”.

It all looks so innocuous from outside.



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