The final face, for the time being.

On one of our rainy trips into the Piazza there were two women on our vaporetto who appeared to be going to a wedding; one may even have been the bride, but her companion garnered most attention because of her brightly coloured outfit.  Her black turban and trousers were matched by the tassels on her earrings and provided a dark background against which the bright yellow of her coat seemed to glow.

I spotted her again in on of the portico arches that surround the Piazza, and knowing this would give some fantastic light for a portrait raised my lens.  The movement gave me away, but she maintained the eye contact and gave me half a smile.  This is one of those images where processing as monochrome has lost some of the magic.  It’s a shame one of the earrings isn’t straight, otherwise this would be my Vogue shot!

Also, as I was writing this I came across this blog – coincidence?


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