With a bit of time to kill before meeting my daughter for lunch in Newcastle the other day, I naturally wandered the streets in search of some inspiration.  I love shooting in this city as there’s always something to photograph, and even the old favourites have a habit of revealing something new each time; this shot of the Millennium Bridge is given a different feel by the inclusion of the autumn foliage for example.untitled-59

My favourite parts of the city can be found between the tall central pinnacle of Grey’s Monument untitled-108and the river, mostly because whichever route you take the steep contours of the descent towards the quayside come into play, leading to a jumbled roof-scape that when viewed from Gateshead allows you to pick out virtually every significant landmark, as if deliberately superimposed for the benefit of some corporate Christmas card.

And so, I started thinking about lines.

Converging lines…

diverging lines…untitled-82_HDRstraight lines…

curved lines…

parallel lines…untitled-20scattered, bent and broken lines…

even the line between light and shadow.untitled-126


Returning home from this mostly architectural pursuit of delineation, I even found another blogger who had visited my sight seemed to be afflicted by the same obsession.

Perhaps the most interesting lines are not to be found in buildings however.


5 thoughts on “Line

      1. Thank you for letting me be one of your first viewers – I like the wriggle and wiggle of it. Good choice of pic too!

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