Probably the best gelato in the world… wasn’t to be found in Venice.  (Sergio Dondoli’s creations in San Gimignano are the pinnacle of gelateria artistry; his passion for his product is there for all to taste.)  There is plenty of gelato about in the City of Canals; every bar and café has a display in their window it seems, but when you don’t specialise in that product you buy it in, and that extra step in the process which separates producer and consumer leads to less care and devotion to quality.

And now there is a new alternative; just around the corner from Rialto’s Campo San Giacomo is a self-service, build-your-own, operation with a minimalist name.  Choose your tub or cone, pipe your chosen flavours, smother in toppings, drown in sauces and pay for your selection by weight.  It looked like a goldmine.

In the value equation, sometimes we’ll sacrifice quality for novelty; and the results were delicious.  I’d rather have a dolceamaro though.







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