Without a season ticket, a single vaporetto journey will cost €7 whether just a stop or two, or all the way along the Grand Canal and across the lagoon to Lido.  Whether this is good value to you will be governed by how much you observe along the way but compared to the €80 cost of a gondola trip it’s a bargain.*

There is another option however, and it’s one that most tourists overlook; an option to be rowed upon the Grand Canal and see the sights from water level, albeit briefly.

Traghetto means ferry, and yes if you wish to take your car to Lido you can find vessels to do that which look exactly as you’d expect; functional, smoking, noisy craft that run the longer routes, but on the Canalazzo there is another meaning.  There are seven crossing points strung out along the sigmoid waterway where for a couple of euros you can board a larger gondola and be ferried to the other side by two rowers positioned front and back.

It’s the only way to travel.


*Prices correct at the time of writing!


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