I didn’t really mind the rain and the thunderstorms that we endured in La Serenissima.  I certainly can’t complain about the sunny days on the beach or sitting in Arsenale, but I do wish I could return in the winter.

One of my favourite images of the city, taken with a long lens to compress perspective, shows a flock of egrets disturbed on a jetty, with the imposing double domes of Salute rising beyond them in the distance.  The magic ingredient is fog, not a lot in this instance ( caligo rather than fog), but enough to blur the edges of reality.

On the Cannaregio, a slight breeze was at work, stirring the fog into currents of differing density.  The palaces and churches fronting the canal came and went, the forms firming up and vagueing away like a print from an old photographic plate damaged by the ravages of time.

Dead Lagoon – Michael Dibdin

On the other hand you can always cheat;  I blended a layer of white over the background pillars here to give all the attention to this carving on the Doge’s Palace.  Almost like fog?

Detail; Palazzo Ducale
Detail; Palazzo Ducale

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