Awash (Venezia 67)

The shot across the channel to Giudecca is a classic; it has content that gives the image depth (Giudecca in the background, the lagoon and any vessels upon it in the mid ground, and a few gondole with their mooring posts in the foreground.  The picture is usually enhanced by the deep blue of the tarpaulins that cover the moored boats, but you’ll have to take my word for that.

I’ve had a number of different attempts at this image which you’ll see if you stick with me over the 365 days, using long exposures, different focal lengths, shooting in different lighting conditions, or as in this case, using the incoming tide for a little additional framing.  I like them all, so maybe it’s just the horizon that appeals!



One thought on “Awash (Venezia 67)”

  1. I’ve tried to get that shot several times too, its not easy is it?! This is a good one though, and way better than any I’ve taken…so far! I’ll keep trying!!

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