I heard a radio programme recently celebrating the work of the graffiti artists who sprayed and inked upon every available surface of the New York subway in the 1970’s.  There was an implication that these acts of “artistic vandalism” were ground breaking and set the direction for the likes of Banksy to follow.

I’ve no doubt they were influential, but they overlook something.  The word sounds Italian because it derives from the Italian word for scratched; graffiato.  It was part of life in Roman towns 2000 years ago (and can be seen in Pompeii as a result as well as in Ancient Greece and Egypt) and continues to this day.



3 thoughts on “Modern Mural (Venezia 50)

    1. Hi – thanks for taking the time to comment, but I’m not sure you’re right. I’m not being disingenuous (which implies a degree of dishonesty), just not so well informed as to be able to see a point where “modern graffiti” begins, just as I’m not expert enough to say what is and what isn’t “modern art”. I just wanted to make the point that graffiti has a continuum that has run throughout history. I hope I’m forgiven!

      1. Of course you are forgiven!

        I too need to apologize for coming out guns blazing. I grew up in NYC during the early 80s and 90s so graff has a special place in my heart. Over the past 15 years or so it has become a more mainstream art form, which have caused people (of which I wrongfully assumed you were one) to try and redefine it.

        Again, I apologize. Thanks for being a gracious host! 😉

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