Two capped wells and a drinking fountain.  Pretty common features in many a campo here.  Yet this picture feels wrong to me; like a continuity error in a film or TV show, there’s something makes me uneasy.

Part of it might be that it feels too English.  The doorways in the background wouldn’t look amiss on an East End street in London (or at least my idea of an East End street; as a Northerner I’m no expert).  The far well is decorated with what looks like a shield featuring three lions; the badge of the England football team.  Then there is the flower on the nearer well – the white rose of Yorkshire maybe?  Is it the semiotic aspects that disturb me?

Or is it the lack of people?  The square was very quiet on the day I visited.  This is Campo del Ghetto Nuovo.  The square where during the Holocaust 247 Jews were gathered together for deportation.

Only 8 returned.

Campo del Ghetto Nuovo
Campo del Ghetto Nuovo

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