Before we left I warned J that I’d probably be photographing a lot of random features during our trip.

“Like what?” She asked.

“Oh you know, walls, doors, paving, plaster.  That sort of stuff.”

I wanted them to use as textures, overlaid layers in Photoshop that can bring colour and contrast to images in new ways.  (Check out the work of Jessica Drossin if you want to know more)

There is of course so much more to appreciate than deliberately out of focus images of mottled subjects, you can appreciate them for their own beauty; swathes of stucco interrupted by cracks, dents, holes giving way to networks of crumbly red brick beneath, interspersed with and bordered by white water-resistant marble, held together with bands of oxidising ironwork.  Venice has many treats for the eye.  For those who see by touch there is much to enjoy too.




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