Giudecca (Venezia 26)

I know, I know.  I’ve used spot colour, a technique that I usually despise but first let me explain myself.

This is Giudecca, a long strip of land separated from the other central Venetian islands by the Giudecca Canal, but unlike Lido, close enough to form part of one of the six distinct districts (sestiere) of the city; in this case the Dorsoduro district.  Its name is thought to be a corruption of Judaic, and indeed in southern Italy a number of towns have Jewish enclaves that bear this name, so you might expect a historic reason behind the adoption of the word, especially as the island was originally called Spinalunga.   The trouble is that there is no record of a Jewish connection, and indeed the Jewish area of Venice is well-known to have been in Cannaregio, for the small island where the Jews were segregated for centuries is where the word Ghetto originates.

But back to Giudecca.  The coloured elements are a temporary artwork entitled The Sky Over Nine Columns which appropriately in this city is covered in gold mosaic, and the official site explaining the background features a spot coloured image of them, so I felt it Ok to follow suit.

Can I be forgiven?

Giudecca with The Sky Over Nine Columns
Giudecca with The Sky Over Nine Columns

One thought on “Giudecca (Venezia 26)”

  1. A point of clarification here – Giudecca is to the right; the artwork is on San Giorgio, which though a continuation is technically a separate island.

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