A place to rest (Venezia 25)

Most people who go on holiday spend little time considering the laws and customs of the countries they visit, assuming, often wrongly, that there won’t be much difference between their small patch of civilisation and any other, and of course as the European Courts continue to standardise laws across the European Union this isn’t perhaps such an unreasonable assumption.

Places like Venice are so different however that they are bound to require a different approach; how many people know that they could be heavily fined for feeding the pigeons for example?  Or for having a picnic?

Among the lesser known customs it is expected that you should negotiate narrow alleys by walking on the right, avoid stopping to rest on bridges, and before pausing to gaze in wonder at some newly discovered piece of art/history/architecture/designer-wear/restaurant ensure that you leave space for the less interested to pass around you.

Arsenale seems a quiet spot to avoid such issues…



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