In 2007 the Grand Canal gained another crossing point.   The Rialto Bridge is the most famous, Accademia beloved by Venetians, Ponte degli Scalzi is a beautiful demonstration of how stonework can be both strong and slender.  And then there is the Ponte della Costituzione.  Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava the bridge has been controversial for a number of reasons; its proximity to Scalzi when there are much longer stretches of the canal with no crossing option but the traghetto ferries or the vaporetti; its modernist design seeming completely at odds with a medieval city, and finally because its numerous steps rendered it an impossible challenge for wheelchair users.

A few years later and that last issue has been addressed.  A small circular pod arises from the canal side, attaches itself to the bridge parapet, arcs across to the other side and gradually descends again.  Very sedate, but I wonder just how many trips it could accommodate in a day.  I can confirm that it’s not much fun to walk over either, the breadth and depth of the steps feel very unnatural.

I did like the look of it though.



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