With streets paved in ancient and therefore uneven slabs, surfaces made slippery by tidal surges, miles of alleys to negotiate and the regular rise and fall of bridges to climb, most people you encounter in Venice adopt appropriate footwear.  Lightweight, comfortable, non slip, even waterproof are qualities to consider in your choice of shoe, which is why you see most people in trainers, sandals, plimsolls and the like.  This doesn’t just apply to tourists either, many of those who work in the city take a similar line, so that when you see someone wearing footwear that it a little different it stands out.  I photographed a man on a vaporetto wearing a very smart pair of Oxfords in LEAF GREEN.  Trouble is you lose the effect once you process in monochrome, so I might just have to overcome my aversion to spot colour with that one!

Anyway here is one of the first of a few footwear shots that will feature here, together with a bit of a confession.  The heels were such a rarity that I took the picture, but then realised that the wearer had strangely short legs.  One of those occasions where photoshop made its presence felt.



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