Not all it’s cracked up to be (Venezia 15)

Time for one of the obvious Venetian shots – the pinnacle of the Campanile San Marco, bell tower of the basilica that dominates the great piazza, and many views of the city from the lagoon.  It is one of the tallest, if not the tallest structure in Venice, at least until the vast ten storey high cruise ships drift by, at which point everything else seems to lose it’s significance.

This is an Italian campanile that I have not climbed to get a birds eye view (unless you count scaling the 15th Century version in the guise of Ezio Auditore in a well known computer game) for in Venice that’s kind of missing the point.  In a city where the facade is everything, looking down on the rooftops seems futile.

Compared to many of the other towers around the city, cracked, weathered and tilting in all directions, the Campanile San Marco looks pristine as well it might; in 1902 the original tower collapsed into a pile of rubble and immediately it was decided to rebuild it exactly as it was (though with internal reinforcement this time).  The work took a decade, so the tower we see today, though medieval in design, is very much a 20th Century structure.

Campanile San Marco
Campanile San Marco

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