There was something happening in Yorkshire this weekend, of which more (much more) in a later post, but for now here’s a clue…APW_3067

Our need to get away from the county without having to cross any of the network of closed roads that accompanied the event meant that we left Blubberhouses by way of one of the National Trusts more unusual charges; Brimham Rocks.


High above the dales this collection of rocky outcrops is a popular attraction; even today when the roads of the county were lined with spectators in their hundreds of thousands, it was difficult to find shots that didn’t include the public.  For any really artful shots I suppose I’d have to be there for sunrise; something I’m not planning any time soon!

The attraction is Brimham Rocks, a collection of rocky outcrops of the local millstone grit that have been sculpted into a series of bizarre formations by the power of nature.  Millennia of wind, rain and ice have blasted, cracked and rubbed away at the rock, boring holes, enlarging cracks, and exposing the strata within the stone.

APW_3061_HDR-Edit-EditThe place has a primeval feel, and so not surprisingly has featured in children’s TV shows seeking an evocative location, but beyond that the tactile nature of the grit combined with the  multiple stacked layers makes it irresistible for climbing.

Of course there are those who take a more strenuous approach.  The gritstone has inspired many great British rock climbers, and who can blame them with such a tactile surface, even the slightest pimple on the surface creates possibilities for bouldering and short but testing pitches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It makes for a pretty decent frame too.





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