My former spouse was one for frequently bemoaning the weather we experienced on the North East coast;  it was always warmer inland, or drier in the South, that sort of thing.   Personally I loved the coast in all weathers so was happier with my meteorological lot, but even so this was a week in which those in the North and East must surely have been relieved to be here.  Britain has been lashed by storms from the South and West, with homes hit by power cuts after high winds, floods after heavy rains, and lives lost as spectators have been swept out to sea by waves magnified by a combination of high tides and gales.

We’ve had our fair share of rain in our corner of the UK, but have been relatively unaffected by the storms.

If I’m honest, I would have love the opportunity to photograph some of the gargantuan seas, but our shores remained calm.  Nevertheless, my passion for seascapes reawakened by my recent trip up the Northumbrian coastline, I was drawn back to St Mary’s Island, near Whitley Bay.  I’ll blog more tomorrow about the nearby Seaton Delaval Hall that was my main objective, but couldn’t resist the chance to combine sky, sea, and structure while in the area.

Perhaps the wind brought me back.

Somewhere a Queen is weeping,
Somewhere a King has no wife.
And the wind it cries Mary.

Jimi Hendrix – The Wind Cries Mary.

St Mary’s Island
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6 thoughts on “And the wind cries…

    1. Thanks Becky. It’s funny how sometimes everything comes together. Parked the car walked around and shot for about 10 mins and that was it. I knew the cloud was going to work but had no idea quite how well until I got to processing!

      1. Just devoured The Chemistry of Tears this week – related very strongly to Catherine as it coincided with my giving up on a relationship that I’ve pursued all year. Thanks for the suggestion Becky. x

      2. That’s a sweet and bitter thing… very happy that you enjoyed the book, pretty sad though for the reason why you were able to relate so closely. Love, eh? drives us to madness and ectasy 😉

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