My travels this week have taken me…


Not strictly true of course, I have ventured beyond these four walls occasionally, but the combination of a week that has caused a deal of introspection and the suggestion of a friend that I should turn my camera’s attention to my domestic setting led to a series of abstract images shot with my 100mm macro lens.

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And so taking it a step further I shot a self-portrait to go with  the rest and thought that would be the detailed shots out of my system.

APW_0361What surprised me was that I seemed to have developed a taste for shooting body parts, for this weekend I was working with overseas students as I usually do at this time of year, and amongst the 100 or so images that I processed of candid portraits and mid-activity action shots was one that stands out for me.  I’m not sure why, but I really love this.  Wish I could remember whose hands they are!


5 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal

      1. Thank you. I haven’t posted in awhile because I have a lot of things I’m exploring and not any finished work at the moment. But not so much a new creative direction. Still fabricated photography with miniatures.

      2. Right – I read from your site that you seem to be resisting external influence more to pursue your own interests. Glad you’re still working with miniatures though – I think you’ve produced some great work that way.

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