Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone

Joni Mitchell; Big Yellow Taxi

One of the things about being back in the dating game is that it takes you to places out of your usual sphere. Today I was meeting Jackie and for reasons of practicality we chose Scotch Corner; a setting devoid of any romance but handy for the road network. Having ventured into Yorkshire though it would have been a shame not to find something to photograph.

APW_7665When Joni Mitchell wrote the lines above in 1970, her environmental theme may have seemed ahead of its time, but the Yorkshire Dales have been protected since the early 50’s for their unspoilt beauty so I made my way west into Wensleydale.  As I did so more lines from Mitchell came to mind; Both Sides, Now of course, but more appropriately from Refuge of the Roads this description:

Muscular with Gods and Sungold

Very fitting for the bulging white vapour above me.

Though I’m a cheese lover I’ve never really shared the enthusiasm of a famous animated dog for the fermented curd produced here, so I had another objective in mind; Aysgarth Falls, a beauty spot ranked #2 by Trip Advisor of the attractions with the Dales.  (Malham Cove has top spot, but it’s so long since I was there I’m in no position to make a comparison).  This popularity presents a couple of challenges; trying to get shots that aren’t full of other visitors, and even more difficult, finding shots that have some degree of originality.

These falls aren’t just famous locally; as the setting for Robin Hood’s stave duel with Little John in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves they are known internationally.APW_7592

I scouted around, gingerly picking my way down river banks and scrambling over rocks to deal with the first of these problems and found a couple of less populated spots, but the trouble was that the images lacked any originality.  I considered long exposures which is when I remembered that I didn’t have the right fitting for my filter set  (the lens I acquired after my seaside calamity earlier in the year has a different diameter to it’s predecessor).  This necessitated switching my wide angle for a telephoto and suddenly I had something.  It may not be recognisable as Aysgarth, but I like it much better as an image.  (And yes, I know long exposure waterfalls are clichéd, but I think the close up takes it one step away from that).APW_7540


And for those wanting the postcard…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Apologies for Pat Metheny for bastardising his album title!


4 thoughts on “As falls Aysgarth, so falls Aysgarth Falls

  1. Actually, since you’re in my territory (so to speak) I confess to favour Aysgarth Falls over Malham Cove… & “Both Sides Now” is my favourite Joni Mitchell song – good choice! Lovely shots by the way, but I’m a writer not a photographer 😉

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