Employee engagement is a concept that has gained a lot of recognition in recent years, though it has been around under other names (Job Satisfaction for example) for decades.  The benefits to businesses of achieving engaged employees include lower staff turnover, reduced sickness, better problem solving, greater commitment and so on, and no two businesses approach it in quite the same way.  Factors that affect the level of engagement that employees have include; clarity of goals and expectations, opportunities for development, quality of communication and working relationships etc.

I mention this because today’s pictures are from a day out I recently enjoyed with my colleagues.  A day at the races*.

Thirsk Racecourse was our venue, with a marquee by the finish line, a barbecue lunch, and a constant stream of liquid refreshment.  Topping all of that was the serious business of picking the winners.  For some this is a serious business; studying the form, the size of the field, the handicap carried by the jockey, the behaviour of the horse in the paddock, advice from those “in the know” and  more to identify the dead certainties, dead certainties which seemed determined not to conform with the background data!  For others it was no more scientific than looking for steeds with significant names (a strategy that worked for me in the first race when the classically named Marcus Caesar romped home.  Others just as randomly based their decisions on the colours worn by the riders.   These less logical methods proved just as successful.

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Not a single portrait today, but a montage of candids of my colleagues.  A sensible and sober bunch I’m sure you’d agree…Talent


It was a great day, though in the end I came to grief with Karate Queen.

*Incidentally – A Day At The Races was Queen’s 5th album, and took its name from a Marx Brothers film, as did it’s predecessor A Night At The Opera.  Luckily they followed it with News Of The World rather than Duck Soup!


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