Cassie Jade

Talking to my friend Jane after Sunday’s photoshoot, I remarked to her that shooting nudes was a great way to improve your ability to maintain eye-contact!  Though this was said in jest, there is an underlying truth to it, but one that has come back to me while I’ve been processing the images.

The one remaining model whose images I’ve not shared until now is Cassie Jade, and she was the original subject that Eric and the Banana team booked to model nude in the settings of our crumbling mansion.  As a highly experienced fitness and nude model she was top of the bill, and of course having worked with her I can see why, not only for her professionalism in front of the camera, but also in her willingness to share feedback and advice when relaxing between shots.  With some of the window light we had to work with sculpting her torso, she stretched and twisted to give added definition to the lines and curves revealed by the light.

With her ability to interpret and improve upon my limited direction I got some nice shots, yet I had a bit of a challenge when it came to processing them.  Perhaps it’s a hangover from last year’s portrait-per-day project, but I kept wanting to crop in closer to make more of her face.  Looking at her portfolio on Model Mayhem, it’s clear that other photographers feel the same way, as there is a good proportion of beauty shots there.  So I found myself with a quandary, do I process head and shoulders or include more.  I was back to maintaining eye contact!

In the end I resisted the tight cropping.  That wasn’t what we were there for on the day, and when she had the courage to stand naked before a room of photographers, the least I could do is try to capture the shapes she created.  Beauty can wait for another day.


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