One of the more unusual quotes from Sunday’s shoot came from Alicia, who runs the Boho model agency.

We were working in small groups all day, so that with five models and multiple locations we should be able to get some variety in our shots. Our group had just finished lunch when she asked us “Are you ready for Helen in a sink?”!

Given the volume of dusty ephemera on site, I wouldn’t have been surprised to find her in an old tin bath, but Alicia’s description was very nearly accurate for we found Helen perched nervously on the window ledge of what was presumably an old kitchen. She wasn’t in the sink, but just above it.APW_5335

Her nervousness didn’t stem from this however. It was driven instead by the large spiders that had constructed webs on the other side of the window frame. Perhaps this explained why, despite the cold, she was happy to soldier on shooting outside later!

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