Location, Location, Location

I’ve long had a hankering to shoot in a derelict building; abandoned furniture and equipment, cracked paint, peeling wall coverings, cobwebs, dust and decay.  Contrast comes in many forms, and as a backdrop to a beautiful subject some form of atrophy will do nicely.  There is a movement in the UK of people committed to entering abandoned hospitals, asylums, and industrial units to take advantage of just such decline.

Today I had my chance.  Not in a public building.  Not in commercial premises.  This was a home, and not an abandoned home at that.

Admittedly it was a bit different from my two bedroom apartment.  This was a family seat of a Baron, a peer of the realm whose family moved to this pied a terre in the 20th century, when their original castle home, collapsed due to subsidence arising from mining operations.  Mines owned by the same family!

In common with many such properties in the UK, the costs of maintenance for such a large building are prohibitive.  Many stately homes have passed into the hands of the National Trust to help preserve them.  Others have fallen into ruin.

Our venue today was something of a hybrid.

Externally it looks like any other grand hall for Lord and Lady R are still in residence here, and indeed both appeared at different points of the day to see what we were up to.  Perhaps the fact that this was a nude and lingerie shoot may have piqued their curiosity!  Anyway they are to be thanked for providing a property with one wing and some outbuildings that have just the right level of grime for our needs,

and at the other end of the building access to rooms that are available to rent that have a very high specification.  APW_5314A nice place to enjoy our lunch and for the models to change.

So.  Ambition fulfilled.  Lots of grunge and grime.

And the models?  You’ll have to wait for another day to see what I was up to.

But here’s Jemma to give you a flavour.APW_5074-Edit

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