*Douglas AdamsHitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

As I’ve been working in Stockton on Tees this week I’ve been musing on what I might photograph there on my way to or from work.  This isn’t easy since I’m delivering training in a featureless room, in a featureless call centre, on a featureless business park.  The one hope that I had was that as this uninspiring location is based right on the banks of the Tees that I was bound to find something there, for after all the Tyne and the Wear have rarely let me down, but looking upstream, downstream and across the river I found nothing more than an expanse of brown water, bounded by unremarkable buildings.

Disappointed I began my journey home, but as I crossed the river I happened to glimpse something worthwhile.  Further downstream, and invisible from my starting point there was a bridge, and a bridge with real possibilities at that.  This is the Infinity Bridge.APW_2473

The bridge is so-called because when reflected in the murky Tees it forms the symbol for infinity, or a sideways figure of 8.  There was no chance of such a shot on this occasion because the waters were windblown, and I lacked the filters that it would have taken to create a long exposure.  Nevertheless with a bit of post processing you can get the idea of what that might look like…  APW_2526-Edit-2

That shot is more easily achieved at night, when longer exposures are more easily created in the darkness, and here it has the added advantage that it would take advantage of the LED lighting installed on the bridge.

English: The Infinity Bridge is a public pedes...

Not an option for me today, and these shots have been taken so many times the difficulty would be in avoiding creating clichés.  Personally I quite like a different take on reflection that I created when processing the shots.APW_2526-Edit

I grabbed a few images, but really needed to be further still downstream and with a different lens to get the best side view, so I looked for more abstract images which were plentiful amongst the bridge’s architecture.

It’s an impressive piece of architecture with many interesting lines, but for me it’s all summed up in a couple of curves.  There’s something very feminine about this shot; the small of a back, or the swell of a hip maybe.



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