I’m in the process of hunting for a new home at the moment, and it must be said with disappointing results.  Why do you have to pay more to rent a small two bedroomed flat than you do on the mortgage for a 3 bed detached?

The problem is largely to do with space.  Over many years in the same property you acquire a lot of stuff.  Pictures, books, CD’s training materials, furniture, clothes, bikes and the odd bit of camera kit!  It seems that the design of most apartments overlooks the quantity of things that we accrete in life.  So I’ve seen bedrooms that could accommodate beds but no wardrobes, open plan kitchen/diner/lounge areas that would struggle to meet two of the three descriptors, and shared hallways that barely allow the passage of one tenant never mind more.

Luckily things have picked up in the last couple of days, though no thanks to the letting agent to arrived at a viewing without a key to access one of the properties.  I was tempted to go for the other; the neighbourhood was good and convenient for the beautiful city of Durham, and both lounge and master bedroom had stunning views of the world heritage site of Durham Cathedral.  I could imaging myself shooting that image numerous times throughout the seasons.

“Still” I thought “Let’s not be rash.  Best see the inaccessible property before going any further.”  And so I did.  This morning.  And liked it better.  Not such a good location.  No great vista to gaze upon, but the practicality of a ground floor location that allows access for a cyclist to do their thing.

Shame about the view.  Still it would have been a pity to waste the opportunity that the viewing provided…



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