The rock band Queen began their career by famously proclaiming on every album cover “No Synthesizers”, not because they objected to the instruments, but to clarify that their rich, textured sound was achieved with guitars and vocals instead. Midway through their career they released The Game, which proclaimed something along the lines of “This albums marks the first appearance of a synthesizer on a Queen album”.

The photographs that have appeared on this blog have thus far all been shot using a digital single lens reflex camera, mostly a Canon 5d Mk 2 (though sadly this is still being repaired), and with a few additions from an old Olympus.

I’ve referred before to the precept of creativity that forms the title of this piece. It’s about keeping your eyes open to the potential of everything around you to solve problems, provide inspiration, make connections and so on, so today I was sitting in a training room, in a manufacturing plant in County Durham at 7.45 am. The sun was still low in the sky, and was streaming into the room casting interesting shadows.

I didn’t realise at first that there was something out of the ordinary, but as I looked further, it dawned on me (sorry for the pun) that the light was travelling in two opposite directions. I understood that one was the sun coming directly through windows, but how was there a second? Simply because in a privacy measure all of the windows in the building had been treated with a reflective film, and the room I was in was close to the junction of another part of the building at right angles to mine. The run of windows continued around this corner, so the sunlight, striking the other building obliquely, was reflected straight back into my room where the forest of chair and table legs provided an abstract image.

Of course I wasn’t sitting with SLR to hand, but the iphone came to the rescue.

Today’s blog marks the first appearance of a photograph taken on a camera phone in a photogenic world!



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